Reduce debit card fraud with MobiMoney

Would you like greater control over your debit card security right at your fingertips? Spirit Financial Credit Union has a recommendation that will help you achieve that hands-on control over your cards; it’s MobiMoney. A card control app for your debit card, MobiMoney gives you the ability to turn cards off and on, set transaction alerts and much more. The app is available for iPhone and Android devices.  Sound good? Well even better, it’s convenient and easy to use. Members of Spirit Financial Credit Union can take advantage of the MobiMoney app to monitor their debt cards and help to prevent fraud. 

A very important feature of MobiMoney when it comes to protecting your cards from fraud is the alert feature. To set specific alerts you just tap Alerts Preferences. From there you can set alerts regarding location of transactions, merchant types, transaction types or even transaction amounts. It’s a great tool to alert you to suspicious activity on your card and help stop fraud in its tracks before someone charges up a fortune.

What makes MobiMoney so popular with users is the control and personalization it can give cardholders to fit their unique needs from setting limits on transaction amounts or limit charges to a certain geographic area. With MobiMoney, control is in your hands. You can manage and monitor your cards anytime, anywhere via the app on your mobile device. 

Getting started with MobiMoney

  1. Just download the MobiMoney app for free from the App Store or on Google Play.

  2. Open the app and select the “New User” button.

  3. Follow the on screen prompts to enter your card information.

  4. Enter and confirm a passcode and you’re ready to go. You can add more cards from the Manage Portfolio section of the app.

  5. Configure the settings based on your individual preferences.

You’re in control with MobiMoney!

  • To turn credit and debit cards on or off with a single touch, simply use the Card On/Off button.

  • View instant alert notifications

  • View transaction history

  • Set and control debit and credit card usage. You can set for specific merchant types, location, users and even transaction types!

To use location controls just tap on control preferences and then location. You can turn on My Location to limit transactions that aren’t near your primary device. You can also define locations and a specific region and block international transactions. 

There is also a wide selection of spending controls with MobiMoney. To limit the use to certain merchants, just tap Merchant Types and enable Merchant Controls. It will allow you to turn off any merchant types you don’t want allowed, such as entertainment. You can also select to control specific transaction types, such as excluding things such as ecommerce or auto pay. In addition, you can set spending limits per transaction and with some accounts even set weekly or monthly spending limits. 

There are other features to MobiMoney as well. In search of an ATM, simply tap the menu icon and tap on Find Us. You’ll see a map of all nearby ATMs. You can even search by city and zip code. It’s very handy when traveling and you need cash!

With MobiMoney, you can carry your cards with confidence, wherever you go, knowing you have an extra level of security to help prevent credit and debit card fraud. Lose your card, no problem, simply turn it off with a tap of your finger. If you happen to find it, you can quickly and easily turn it back on. Get instant transaction alerts, review card transaction, set spending alerts and more! There’s even a “Do Not Disturb” setting if you don’t want to receive notifications during a specific time of day. Stay aware of your spending and protect yourself from credit and debit card fraud with MobiMoney.